Robots for outdoor intervention


Description - Missions

ERASE is used outside buildings whenever the radiological conditions become hazardous to, man., It can be controlled to distances up to 2 miles (3km) or more, depending on terrain’s topography,, allowing pilots to operate from within safe zones.

ERASE can :

  • Monitor gamma radiation levels on the ground and close to buildings
  • Search for and locate punctual radioactive sources
  • Conduct tele-visual reconnaissance operations
  • Pick up debris and samples for analysis
  • Set up safety signalisation for dangerous zones
  • Carry out worksite surveillance and assist other machines in operation

ERASE may also be used as a towing vehicule for the «EMOI» trailer (EMOI is a relay system for indoor robots), taking an indoor robot close to a building, then acting as a transmission relay between the robot and the control station.

Control Station

The control station consists of a specially outfitted and energyautonomous vehicle containing all equipment necessary for remote control operations (radiorelay, calculator, screens, controllers, workstation…) plus a light trailer fo, the antenna support mast. It may not be used within a contaminated zone.

External Interface

In case of accident, the Crisis/Emergency Management Centre can receive videos from the operation in progress via Groupe INTRA’s Command Centre and a satellite link.

Detailed specifications of outdoor robots machines are presented in the following table :